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Q.  What are the benefits of a tennis club membership?

A.  You can reserve one hour of court time in advance the evening before you play or in    the morning of the day you wish to play.  You can continue to play as long as you wish if the court is not reserved by another player. Every parent who joins the club is entitled to one free membership for their child under 13 years old.  You can play games with other members that will be arranged by staff during social hours or “round robins”.   You can arrange your own games through use of the club membership list. You can compete in monthly tournaments or challenge other players through the tennis ladder if we have volunteers to organize these events. You can receive instruction for you or your children in clinics or private lessons (discounted club fee).  As a member you can reserve one hour of court time for instruction during the hours of your membership category.


Q.  What types of memberships are available?

A.  Premium membership allows full benefits of play at anytime (weekdays, nights and weekends) weather permitting and the benefit to reserve a court for one hour per day.  Off Peak membership (less expensive) allows a member to play on week days only from 10AM to 5PM.  You also have the right to reserve a court for one hour during those times.  Playing during “prime time” requires an additional hourly rate of $15 per hour.  Teen Premium membership allows full benefits of play at anytime (weekdays, nights and weekends) without the reservation benefit.   Teen Off-Peak membership allows play on weekdays only from 10AM to 5PM. Child membership (under 13 yrs old) allows play on weekdays only from 10AM to 5PM


Q.  When do tennis courts open?

A.  The courts normally open at the beginning of May and close in late November.  The hours are from 10AM to Sunset.


Q.  Can people play on the courts even if they are not members of the club?

A.  Yes, the hourly rate is $15 per person per hour or $30 per hour for the court if players are not members of the club.  You need to register and pay at the park office prior to playing.


Q.  Does the club provide tennis equipment?

A.  We have some racquets, balls and sneakers if you just want to try it out.


Q.  Can adults and/or children play for free to see if they will enjoy playing?

A.  The club will run a free clinic in the spring for children 5 years and older and there will be a free social doubles event for adults one Sunday in May which will be announced in advance.


Q.  Do you have a trial period before joining the club?

A.  Yes, you can play up to three times and pay the hourly rate (if courts are available; no reservation allowed) in a 30-day period.  If you decide to join the club, your hourly rates will be credited toward your membership with proper proof of hourly payments.


Q.  If I join the club in the middle of the season, can I get a discounted rate?

A.  No


Q.  Why do you have to wear flat sole sneakers on the courts?

A.  The courts have a Har-Tru surface with a clay base.  Flat sole sneakers must be worn to prevent damage to this surface.  Running shoes, athletic shoes and some hard court tennis shoes with grooves and ridges make gouges in the surface that are difficult to smooth out and will create bad bounces during play.

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